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Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Besides drinking coffee too much is not good for healt

5 Ways to Overcome Pain Sleep At Office
Drowsiness is often present when I had to work in the office. Drinks that contain caffeine usually become drugs for pain such sleepiness. But drinking coffee cause you to become addicted.

Besides drinking coffee too much is not good for health. Better to follow the following manner so that the eyes stay awake when I had to work.

1. Rest your eyes
Linger in front of computer makes the eyes tired. With his eyes off the computer makes the eyes become more relaxed. You can read the magazine, closed his eyes for a moment or see the scenery outside the window.

2. Bright room
Work space with low lights become one of the triggers of fatigue. Bright room will reduce drowsiness
and can work more closely. If necessary, add a table lamp on your desk.

3. Healthy snacks
Healthy snacks to boost energy for longer. Nuts, yogurt and fruit to get rid of drowsiness and may increase the concentration.

4. Mineral water
Dehydration can cause fatigue and soreness. Therefore, how busy you do not forget to drink mineral water. Provide a drinking place big enough to make it easy refilling drinks.

5. Sports
Sports have a positive impact to improve stamina and reduce fatigue during the day than taking the drug. Regular exercise also improves sleep quality, so when you wake up in the morning can feel more refreshed.

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Kopi Luwak - Civet Coffee The rarest beverage in the world

Kopi Luwak adalah seduhan kopi menggunakan biji kopi yang diambil dari sisa kotoran luwak/musang kelapa. Biiji kopi ini diyakini memiliki rasa yang berbeda setelah dimakan dan melewati saluran pencernaan luwak. Kemasyhuran kopi ini di kawasan Asia Tenggara telah lama diketahui, namun baru menjadi terkenal luas di peminat kopi gourmet setelah publikasi pada tahun 1980-an. Biji kopi luwak adalah yang termahal di dunia, mencapai USD100 per 450 gram.

Kemasyhuran kopi ini diyakini karena mitos pada masa lalu, ketika perkebunan kopi dibuka besar-besaran pada masa pemerintahan Hindia Belanda sampai dekade 1950-an, di mana saat itu masih banyak terdapat binatang luwak sejenis musang.

Gambar Kopi luwak asli

Luwak, atau lengkapnya musang luwak, senang sekali mencari buah-buahan yang cukup baik dan masak termasuk buah kopi sebagai makanannya. Luwak akan memilih buah kopi yang betul-betul masak sebagai makanannya, dan setelahnya, biji kopi yang dilindungi kulit keras dan tidak tercerna akan keluar bersama kotoran luwak. Biji kopi seperti ini, pada masa lalu sering diburu para petani kopi, karena diyakini berasal dari biji kopi terbaik dan telah difermentasikan secara alami dalam perut luwak. Dan konon, rasa kopi luwak ini memang benar-benar berbeda dan spesial di kalangan para penggemar dan penikmat kopi.

Minggu, 16 Mei 2010


Because of the rarity of this coffee, the price is quite outrageous. You are paying for the experience of enjoying such an unusual and rare delicacy as well as a spectacular cup of coffee.

You may have seen Kopi Luwak on the 2007 movie, The Bucket List, where it is actor Jack Nicholson's beverage of choice and he carries a supply with him wherever he goes. The Oprah Winfrey Show featured this coffee as well. And of course there are many documentaries shown on television - it is known as the most expensive coffee in the world and one that is well worth it.

The Luwak denizen of the coffee plantations of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi eats only the ripest coffee cherries. Unable to digest the coffee beans, the Luwak graciously deposits them on the jungle floor where they are eagerly collected by the locals. The stomach acids and enzymatic action involved in this unique fermentation process produces the beans for the world's rarest coffee beverage.

"The secret of this delicious blend," enthuses the Indonesia Tourism Promotion Board, "lies in the bean selection, which is performed by a luwak, a species of civet cat endemic to Java. The luwak will eat only the choicest, most perfectly matured beans which it then excretes, partially digested, a few hours later. Plantation workers then retrieve the beans from the ground, ready for immediate roasting."

Kopi Luwak began showing up in North America during the 1990s at the height of the gourmet coffee craze. It has been sold in the U.S. for up to $600 per pound and can fetch as much as $30 for a single brewed cup in some parts of the world. Coffee connoisseurs explain what makes Kopi Luwak worth the exorbitant price:

The aroma is rich and strong, and the coffee is incredulbly full bodied, almost syrupy. It's thick with a hint of chocolate, and lingers on the tongue with a long, clean aftertaste. It's definitely one of the most interesting and unusual cups I've ever had.
* NEW * Indonesia Kopi Luwak Coffee
Because of the rarity of this coffee, the price is quite outrageous. It has been sold in the U.S. for up to $600 per pound and can fetch as much as $30 for a single brewed cup in some parts of the world. This rare coffee has a rich and strong aroma and is incerdibly full bodied with a hint of chocolate.

Due to the rarity of the Kopi Luwak Coffee, no returns or refunds can be accepted.