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Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Besides drinking coffee too much is not good for healt

5 Ways to Overcome Pain Sleep At Office
Drowsiness is often present when I had to work in the office. Drinks that contain caffeine usually become drugs for pain such sleepiness. But drinking coffee cause you to become addicted.

Besides drinking coffee too much is not good for health. Better to follow the following manner so that the eyes stay awake when I had to work.

1. Rest your eyes
Linger in front of computer makes the eyes tired. With his eyes off the computer makes the eyes become more relaxed. You can read the magazine, closed his eyes for a moment or see the scenery outside the window.

2. Bright room
Work space with low lights become one of the triggers of fatigue. Bright room will reduce drowsiness
and can work more closely. If necessary, add a table lamp on your desk.

3. Healthy snacks
Healthy snacks to boost energy for longer. Nuts, yogurt and fruit to get rid of drowsiness and may increase the concentration.

4. Mineral water
Dehydration can cause fatigue and soreness. Therefore, how busy you do not forget to drink mineral water. Provide a drinking place big enough to make it easy refilling drinks.

5. Sports
Sports have a positive impact to improve stamina and reduce fatigue during the day than taking the drug. Regular exercise also improves sleep quality, so when you wake up in the morning can feel more refreshed.

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